The most important issues facing our youth of today includes teen suicide, teen violence, cyberbullying (online bullying), Internet & online addiction, teens and sex, teens and substance abuse, teen anorexia and eating disorders, violent video games, teens watching porn, TV violence, violence at home, & violent culture.

Parents, teachers and communities across the country are concerned with teen issues, which are caused by a number of social, cultural, technological, communal, economic, familial, and individual factors. While it may be hard to change the nature of the Internet, computers, cell phones and TV, there is always something that each one of us can do to reduce teen violence, the rate of teen suicide, teen cyber-bullying, bullying at school, and help develop a well-adjusted relationship to our technological and commercialized culture, and a creative and balanced use of the Internet, Online Gaming, etc.


Following is information about the underlying forces behind these teen issues, as well as actions that parents, teachers and each one of us can take to address them.

Designers and makers are collaborating to produce a unique product that represents our goal to support the youth of today and all proceeds will be given to one of the UR Never Alone beneficiaries.

How It Works

Featured designers are dedicated to supporting the youth of our country.  Visit their site and pick up a “Never Alone” product and a contribution as listed in the product will go to one of the Never Alone Beneficiaries.  You get an amazing piece of art, support American makers and most importantly show American Youth they are Ur Never Alone.

Ur Never Alone Beneficiaries

Youth standing up against bullying or advocating for others, through nominations;

Youth struggling with anger, loss, physical or mental differences – awarded to agencies, organizations and advocates through board selection.


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